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Hi Kids,
If you would like to become a Granite Mountain Jr. Hotshot (GMJH) Member, stop by and see us at the Gateway Mall located in Prescott, Arizona.   We will give you a GMJH Membership Card and your very own Friends of the Forest character cards.  We can’t wait to see you there and talk to you about wildfire prevention and lots of other cool stuff.  

Kids, just hang on the images below to see the back of these cool cards.  Hang over another area and it will magically go back to the awesome picture.  Is that cool or what?

Signing off for now, kids,
Crusty the Coyote

Check out these Granite Mountain Jr. Hotshots (GMJH) characters to collect!

Stop by the Center and receive character cards and get answers to questions you might have about wildland firefighting.

Who are these characters?

These characters are an elite group that can, on a moments notice, fly anywhere in their transport vehicle, TriggerPoint, to assist other wildland firefighters in their quest to extinguish any fire anywhere.  They are an impressive group of characters.

Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew

Learning and Tribute Center

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100% of your donation goes to sustaining and operating our Center, located in Prescott, AZ.
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Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew Learning and Tribute Center

The loss of our 19 hotshots on June 30, 2013 made a profound impact on hearts and souls throughout our local communities, the state of Arizona, the United States, and other nations. This event is now part of local history, and it is our duty and honor to preserve the legacy of the nineteen, to illustrate the heartfelt kindness and generosity which poured out locally and globally, to recognize the unique character and work of firefighters worldwide, and to educate-so that this may never happen again.

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